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I went in for a lift and felt lethargic, unfocused, and imbalanced. I chekced the activities sheet and saw that there was a yoga class that morning and I had never tried yoga so I thought I would give it a shot. I signed up and 20 minutes later I was participating in a good exercise with a great instructor. I felt energized, focused and balanced for the rest of the day. I appreciate the services at High Altitude and the opportunities to have a trainer guide me in a workout when I am a little unmotivated to do it alone. Thank you!
— Happy Customer
Clean. Minimum or no wait at times I like to use your machines. Focused clientele. Friendly staff. Great facility.
— anonymous
Staff is great, facility is clean, atmosphere is motivating. Best gym I’ve ever belonged to in the many decades I’ve been working out.
— 10/10
I like the gym, and all the machines available, the actual look of the gym is nice— it’s nice to be in. And the group fitness classes are wonderful! Great teachers, great classes!
— HAF client
Clean, great cardio machines and gym equipment.
— 9/10