photo Credit: Gustavo E Moser

photo Credit: Gustavo E Moser

Jason Burd, Owner

15 years ago in Ft. Collins, Colorado, Jason discovered his love for climbing. But it wasn't until he made it out to Lake Tahoe for good, that he discovered the lack of climbing facilities in the area. Jason dreamed of a place where the community could gather, excel in their fitness training on and off the wall and watch a sporting event or two. His dreams became a reality in 2008 when construction began on the multi-million dollar overhaul of what used to be Incline Athletic Club. The climbing wall at High Altitude Fitness opened to the public in 2009 and has been a central spot for locals, pros and passers-by for the last 7 years. You may even see Jason on the wall periodically, as he consistently puts up new, fresh routes along side his setting staff and visiting pro athletes. 

Not only was a climbing wall a priority,  a state-of-the-art fitness center was at the helm of his overall dream. Jason has managed to keep on top of cutting-edge fitness equipment and is constantly implementing new, fresh ideas to the programming at HAF. With the help of an amazing staff, High Altitude Fitness continues to flourish year after year! 

Gabi Sanchez, General Manager

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Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Diego Mendoza, Route Setter / Climbing Coach

Born: Puebla, Mexico

Height: 5'8

Setting since: 2012

Climbing since: 2009

Setting style: se-quen-tial

Favorite Place to Climb: Joe's Valley Utah

Favorite Rock Type: Sandstone

Favorite hold company: Kingdom

Favorite type of hold: fat pinches

My first encounter with climbing came in the form of a camping trip to Joshua Tree. The minute I tried my first boulder problem, I knew I was hooked. From that day forward I was enthralled with the idea of refining movement and technique. Now, as a climbing coach and routesetter  I hope to share my knowledge with novice and advanced climbers alike.