Welcome to High Altitude Fitness! 

We have a variety of offerings at High Altitude that will get your fitness regime in place or simply add to your current mountain routine! From our climbing wall to our fitness classes, there is something to please everyone! 

Upon arrival you will be greeted by our front desk staff! They will assist you in purchasing the membership or day pass that suits you! Whether you want to climb for the day or simply take a class and work out in our top-of-the line facility, we can make that happen! 


All top-rope belayers as well as lead belayers and lead climbers must pass a test given by a HAF staff member in order to be certified to climb her at High Altitude Fitness. This test is pass or fail and is designed to make sure everyone climbing or belaying in the rock gym is actively demonstrating safe climbing. See our CLIMBING SAFETY PAGE for more details. 



I have never climbed before -- How should I start?

High Altitude's state of the art climbing wall allows anyone to climb here -- from beginner to advanced! HAF is equipped with 6, auto- belay systems that enable you to climb without a partner! Check out a demo of a Tru Blu auto belay here.

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out some information on our iPads and sign a liability waiver. Want to save time? Begin the registration process below. Good news! If you return after your first visit, we will already have you in our system. Simply check-in and you will be on your way! 

Need climbing shoes? A harness? We have you covered! Our rental gear ranges in size and we can most likely accommodate your needs. If you'd like, call ahead to be sure: (775) 831-4212 

View more frequently asked questions, here

Begin the waiver here: High Altitude Waiver